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We are a Nonprofit Organization dedicated to improving the mental health of the community.

Veteran Mental Health


Veterans are our nation’s bravest heroes as they put themselves in direct danger to protect our country. But through all of their bravery, they also often experience profound inner struggle from the many atrocities they face in war. Although there are many modern psychological treatment options to assist veterans, these programs usually do not adequately address their mental and physical health issues. Therefore, by using a mindfulness-based preventative measure with the YOG Foundation, veterans can improve their ability to cope with stressful circumstances while they are in service and also reduce the difficulties they have when they return home.

A Vision for a More Mindful Future

During their time in service, veterans face a constant risk of death or severe injury. They also often see others being hurt or killed, and they may even hurt or kill someone else as well. Additionally, while in the military, many veterans are exposed to numerous toxins, pollutants, hazardous agents, and extreme noise, leading to significant physical health issues down the line. Given the countless traumas that veterans are exposed to, it is not surprising that many of them struggle with both mental and physical health issues. But by implementing a mindfulness program with the YOG Foundation, veterans can improve both their mental and physical health, allowing them to lead brighter lives when they return home from duty.

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The YOG Foundation Implements Mindful Yoga & Mindful Meditation Sessions Across Various Veterans Organizations

With the significant exposure to trauma in combat, the problems that veterans face are not left behind on the battlefield. But, by implementing a mindfulness program with the YOG Foundation, it can decrease numerous mental and physical health issues that veterans endure upon their return back home.

The Benefits of Mindfulness for Veterans

Multiple recent studies have investigated the potential for a mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) program on a variety of mental and physical health issues specifically for veterans. 

This program for veterans resulted in significantly improved levels of:

As veterans have fought so bravely to protect us overseas, we must assist them upon their return both physically and mentally. Mindfulness programs have been extensively tested in veterans and have shown consistently positive results for their efficacy, particularly in targeting PTSD, which is a widespread occurrence in veterans. 

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