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Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers are the foundation of our medical system, and when we get sick, our lives literally depend on these people. Particularly in the case of public hospitals, this is where many of our society’s most vulnerable people seek out medical treatment in urgent situations. Given the great responsibility placed on workers in public hospitals, many of them report feeling extreme stress, fatigue, and burnout, comprising not only their own health but the health of the patients they serve as well. By implementing a mindfulness-based preventative measure with the YOG Foundation, workers in public hospitals can improve their ability to withstand the mental and physical pressures of their work, thereby improving their own lives and the outcomes of their patients.

A Vision for a More Mindful Future

With the average doctor at a public hospital caring for over 2,000 patients at a time, the immense workload put on our medical system is truly in a dire position. Public hospitals, in particular, see almost 19 times more patient admissions annually than private hospitals. Particularly with the rise of chronic illnesses and the ongoing pandemic, many public hospitals are short-staffed, underfunded, and overworked. Given the high pressure and workload put on our medical system, this leads to a reduced quality of care for patients. Currently, preventable medical errors result in around 400,000 deaths per year in the US alone. However, by implementing a mindfulness program with the YOG Foundation, medical workers can gain benefits to their mind, body, and soul, thereby improving their own quality of life and potentially saving the lives of many of their patients.

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The YOG Foundation Implements Mindful Yoga & Mindful Meditation Sessions Across Various Public Hospitals

As workers in public hospitals must care for the sick and dying on a daily basis, they are often subjected to the darkest sides of life, thereby impacting their mental and physical health. By implementing a mindfulness program with the YOG Foundation, it can not only improve the lives of these frontline workers, but it can also benefit the communities that they serve.

The Benefits of Mindfulness for Public Hospitals

There have been extensive studies that have examined the effectiveness of a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program implemented for healthcare professionals.

A recent review of these studies found that MBSR led to improved:

These studies suggest that mindfulness and yoga programs for healthcare professionals have the potential to significantly assist them in their own lives, while also improving the quality of care and outcomes of the patients they serve.

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