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YOGF Programs

The YOG Foundation makes mental wellness easier, affordable, and accessible through full-service mindfulness and yoga programs.

YOGF Programs
Change the community

What makes our wellness programs different?

The YOG Foundation is on a mission to take back company culture from the aftereffects of COVID-19. After returning from this isolated time, we are finally getting back to work. Our programs are tailored to improve performance and build internal community through mindfulness and yoga-based solutions. Let's make mental wellness the standard for the new normal.

Strengthened Communication

We emphasize teamwork and collaboration to improve your organization and, eventually, the entire community.

Secular Practice

Our programs emphasize a non-religious practice based on mindfulness and yoga techniques for holistic wellness.

Improved Performance

Through our holistic wellness solutions, your organization will drastically increase in productivity and performance.

Reconnected Community

Our wellness programs not only improve the mental health of your organization; they also strengthen and reconnect the community at the same time.

Technologically Advanced

Each program involves advanced technology for metric capture, event management, and program delivery for complete ease of operation.

Highly Qualified Teachers

We handpick all of the teachers for their professionalism, providing you with the best possible experience, so you don't need to worry about a single thing.

Our Model

Our Preferred Model – Easy Implementation, Easy Start

YOG Foundation


Standard 1-hour Sessions, Recurring Weekly, New Topics Every Week
15-minutes Mindfulness
30-minutes Active Yoga Session
15-minutes Meditation

Our preferred model involves weekly mental wellness sessions, but we can also provide custom alternatives for your needs designed with expert assistance. Our services are 100% exclusive to our program clients; we do not extend to outside organizations or for-profit businesses.

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Program Areas

Mental wellness programs are essential for our police to destress and gain vital skills to perform stronger under pressure.

Improve the quality of life, cognitive functioning, and overall health of senior living residents with tailored wellness programs.

Help children in foster care to gain resiliency, improve their health, and withstand the hardships in their lives.

Wellness programs are an excellent solution for veterans coping with PTSD and the aftereffects of their time in combat.

Our wellness programs help service members withstand the pressure of combat and remain focused under any situation they face.

Improve the strength, resiliency, and physical health of the frontline workers in hospitals and medical centers.

Improve public school children and staff’s education, functioning, and overall health with our holistic wellness programs.

As firefighters face the raging flames, our wellness programs can help them cope with this stress and improve their health.

Facilitate recuperation in correctional facilities with holistic wellness programs that tone down the violence and reduce inmate issues.

Non-profit organizations are aiding the world’s problems, and our wellness programs can help them better achieve these goals.