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With the current chaotic times, police officers are under more stress and pressure than ever before and there is a need for an effective option to address these issues. Although psychological treatment can be effective, it is generally done after an incident and does not prevent these problems from arising. By using a mindfulness-based preventative measure with the YOG Foundation, police officers can gain the skills necessary to cope in stressful circumstances and decrease their likelihood of having difficulties in the first place.

A Vision for a More Mindful Future

Police officers currently face an average of 188 critical incidents during their careers, undergoing extreme situations such as murder, suicide, domestic violence, sexual assault, and more, leading to various issues both at home and on the job. Additionally, officers are much less likely to reveal their internal struggles, preventing them from getting the assistance they need and leading to greater problems down the line. By implementing a preventative mindfulness program with the YOG Foundation, officers can gain benefits both physically and mentally, beckoning a brighter future.

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The YOG Foundation Implements Mindful Yoga & Mindful Meditation Sessions Across Various Police Organizations

With the many problems of the current times, police officers are under high levels of stress leading to mental health issues and decreased job performance. But, by implementing a mindfulness program with the YOG Foundation, it can not only improve the lives of the officers but also improve the communities that they serve.

The Benefits of Mindfulness for the Police

A recent study analyzed the potential of a mindfulness-based program for police officers. In this study, an 8-week Mindfulness-Based Resilience Training (MBRT) program was performed with a group of police officers.

This program for police officers resulted in significantly improved levels of:

Not only can mindfulness meditation and yoga programs for police officers assist them mentally and physically, but it can also improve their on the job performance by decreasing their likelihood of overreacting in stressful situations. Mindfulness programs have been further studied with other police precincts around the country and have shown similarly positive results as well.

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