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We are a Nonprofit Organization dedicated to improving the mental health of the community.


Non-profit organizations are responsible for supporting and caring for some of the world’s most vulnerable populations. Given their role in our society, they often face extreme stress, leading to burnout and reduced job performance. With the immense pressure put on members of non-profit organizations to help as many people as they can, this often leads to physical and mental health issues. However, by implementing a mindfulness-based preventative measure with the YOG Foundation, non-profit organizations can improve the performance of their workers so that they can better serve the various other communities in need.

A Vision for a More Mindful Future

In the United States alone, there are more than 1.56 million non-profit organizations registered with the IRS. These organizations assist in issues ranging from hospitals and medical services to education and advocacy. Many workers in non-profit organizations are often paid smaller salaries, and a significant amount of work relies on the grace of unpaid volunteers. Non-profit organizations often serve communities and individuals subjected to high levels of trauma, disease, and mental health issues, requiring a significant level of care. This then puts workers of these organizations under a high level of pressure to assist these communities as much as they can. Given the high level of stress and workload in non-profit organizations, by implementing a preventative measure with the YOG Foundation, non-profit organizations can improve the mental and physical health of their employees, thereby improving the performance of the organization itself.

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The YOG Foundation Implements Mindful Yoga & Mindful Meditation Sessions Across Various Non-Profit Organizations

As non-profit organizations must work under a high amount of stress while assisting our society's most vulnerable populations, it is imperative that they are sufficiently supported both mentally and physically. Therefore, by implementing a mindfulness program with the YOG Foundation, it can both improve the lives of the workers at non-profit organizations as well as the communities that they serve.

The Benefits of Mindfulness for Non-Profit Organizations

A recent study in 2017 did a systematic review of 153 research papers that looked at the relationship between mindfulness and workplace outcomes. 

This study found that mindfulness programs in the workplace led to improved:

Mindfulness and yoga programs for employees in non-profit organizations have the potential to significantly assist them both mentally and physically, thereby improving their job performance and helping the communities they serve.

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