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The YOG Foundation is dedicated to cultivating mindfulness and facilitating the mental wellness of our community.

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You Are Not Alone

In recent times, mental health issues are on the rise worldwide, and there is an increasing need for holistic solutions to address these problems. At the YOG Foundation, we have crafted a mindfulness and yoga-based approach to improve mental health in a holistic, simple, and effective manner.

Mental Health Today

A Future Outlook with the YOGF

We Are More Alike than Different

One of the primary causes of today’s mental health crisis is a lack of connection between the body, mind, soul, and community. That is why the YOG Foundation is on a mission to cultivate mindfulness and facilitate the mental wellness of our community.

Mindfulness targets these various realms of wellness in a single session, so rather than implementing multiple programs, you can target mental health from a single effective approach.


Mindfulness promotes clarity and peace of mind, improved concentration, and reduced depression and anxiety.


Yoga improves physical health, mobility, strength, and flexibility. Mindfulness improves immunity and inner strength.


Mindfulness and yoga increase inner peace and connection with the self. These programs facilitate a deep internal inquiry.


Our programs are community-based and can facilitate deeper connections between your employees.

Be the Change You Want to See

By implementing a mental wellness program in your workplace, you can significantly improve your employees’ health and quality of life. Taking a preventative rather than a reactive approach can solve problems before they become issues in the first place.

The YOG Foundation offers high-quality therapeutic programming to help get you started in your organization. See below to discover how you can join our programs, or you can support our mission to spread holistic wellness into other organizations.

Join a Program

Our mental wellness sessions are available to implement in your organization at a 1 session per week program facilitated through our website. Classes are offered both in-person and virtually.

Support Our Mission

With your financial support, we are able to bring our therapeutic mindfulness and yoga programs to public organizations in need. You can facilitate change with only $1 today!

Explore What We Do

The mindfulness and yoga-based programs at the YOG Foundation are a unique synthesis of secular and science-based practices designed for inner transformation.


We Serve Those Who Serve

Through the programs of the YOG Foundation, we aim to bring mindfulness and yoga-based therapies into public organizations across the country. With your contribution, we can achieve this goal in no time, leading to a profoundly changed world in the next 20 years.

Our Promise

We are united through thoughts, feelings, and actions. It is the mission and promise of the YOG Foundation to spread this unity and facilitate better minds and better communities.

A United World

With a single action, you can be the change that you want to see in the world. With your contribution of only $1, you can help the YOG Foundation to achieve our goals and spread mindfulness, yoga, and healing to public organizations in need.