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A United World

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The YOG Foundation is on a Mission

Through the YOG Foundation mental and physical wellness programs, our world can shift into a more peaceful, compassionate, and healthy state. Without these programs, we will continue to stay in the darkness, with stress, burnout, fatigue, and poor health as ongoing problems. Our programs have the potential to transform the everyday lives of community members through mind, heart, body, and soul.


Improved focus, concentration, productivity, and performance.


Greater compassion, empathy, understanding, and connection.


Enhanced physical functioning, reduced disease, and improved overall health.


Deeper connections between each other and with ourselves.

Together We Can, Together We Will

With your assistance and contributions, we can extend our reach to organizations and communities in need across the country. The YOG Foundation is ready to implement change, but without the assistance from good-hearted people like you, we cannot take the steps we need to. With your help, we can break free from our world’s issues, stand as a united world, and spread mindfulness through our communities.

People Together

How to Get Involved

Join a Program

Our mental wellness sessions are available to implement in your organization at a 1 session per week program facilitated through our website. Classes are offered both in-person and virtually.

Support Our Mission

With your financial support, we are able to bring our therapeutic mindfulness and yoga programs to public organizations in need. You can facilitate change with only $1 today!

Explore What We Do

The mindfulness and yoga-based programs at the YOG Foundation are a unique synthesis of secular and science-based practices designed for inner transformation.

Our preferred model involves weekly mental wellness sessions, but we can also provide custom alternatives for your needs designed with expert assistance. Our services are 100% exclusive to our program clients; we do not extend to outside organizations or for-profit businesses.

Petition for Education

Help us petition to make mental wellness the new normal in schools across the country!