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The experiences of both officers and inmates in correctional facilities such as jails, prisons, juvenile detention centers, and halfway houses are often riddled with trauma. The officers are dealing with a highly volatile population on a daily basis that exposes them to a wide range of incidents. While the inmates often also experience abuse from others and are often dealing with prior mental health issues as well. But, by using a mindfulness-based preventative measure with the YOG Foundation, both officers and inmates in correctional facilities can gain the necessary skills to cope with their experiences in these facilities, assist officers in performing better while on the job, and aid inmates in their transition into a more positive future.

A Vision for a More Mindful Future

In America, there are currently 2.3 million people incarcerated. In correctional facilities, officers are exposed to significantly higher rates of violence than the general population, leading to a constant threat to their safety. Inmates themselves are often subjected to overcrowding, medical problems, substance abuse, suicide, and sexual violence regularly. Additionally, many inmates have underlying mental health issues that contribute to their incarceration in the first place. Given the numerous problems for both inmates and officers, by implementing a mindfulness program with the YOG Foundation, both officers and inmates can gain benefits physically and mentally.

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The YOG Foundation Implements Mindful Yoga & Mindful Meditation Sessions Across Various Correctional Facilities

Given the issues that both inmates and officers face in correctional facilities, this creates a traumatic environment for all. But by implementing a mindfulness program with the YOG Foundation, it can improve the lives of both officers and inmates while in the correctional facility and once they are released or are back home as well.

The Benefits of Mindfulness for Correctional Facilities

A recent study analyzed the impacts of a mindfulness-based program in correctional facilities.

This program for correctional facilities resulted in significantly improved levels of:

Mindfulness meditation and yoga programs are not only beneficial for inmates but officers as well, both physically and mentally. This suggests that these programs can improve officer job performance, reduce violent incidents in the facilities, and improve the lives of both inmates and officers overall.

Transform Correctional Facilities with the YOG Foundation

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